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The percent of pedagogical staff of ungraded schools in a view of the language of tuition on educational level

Statistics data from National digest of the Ministry for Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2014. This set provides data on staff with indication of a region, number of teachers (total number of teachers who teach on the Kazakh langauge) and a number of teachers according to education they have.


The percent of hazardous schools

Thic set contains statistics on the number of schools in a critical state of disrepair sorted out by regions of Kazakhstan.


Qualitative composition of supplementary educational institutuions staff that have a knowledge

Statistical data from National Collected Volume of Ministry of Education and Science, 2014. This set contains total number of staffs in additional education organizationsя, membership of staffs with breakdown by availability of category (top, first, second, and no categgory) and education (with higher pedagofical education, With secondary special pedagogical education, with higher vocational, with secondary special vocational, secondary general education) by regions.


Statistics on school teachers ( job )

В данном наборе содержится полная информация о вакансиях учителей по регионам, областям, городам


Purchase /sales of foreign currency

This set consists of data on net purchase and net sale of foreign currency in tenge by exchange offices in Kazakhstan in regional breakdown. Unit of measurement - millions of tenge.


Current accounts in banks (regional breakdown)

The set consists of data on current accounts in banks by regions. Unit of measurement mln. tenge/ end of period.


Loans to small business

Indicators on the loans extended by banks to small business in a regional breakdown are presented in this table, KZT.mln, in January 2023