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Dear «Open Data» portal users! 

In order to find, view, download the open data and applications based on it, as well as data in the «Archives» section you don’t need an authorization on the portal.

Authorization is required to add comments on datasets, as well as to apply for updating or publishing the open datasets. For authorization at the portal you should be registered on the «electronic government» web portal. If you have any questions or errors with registration you can contact the Unified Contact Center by the numbers 1414 or 8-800-080-7777. The call is free!

To gain access to the Open Data Portal, you must be registered on the E-Government portal as an individual and send an official letter to National Information Technologies JSC, indicating your full name, IIN, the names of the state body, the e-mail address and contact numbers of the phone numbers of the persons responsible for placing information If you have any questions, please call 1414.

View and download the open datasets

In order to find data you can use the «Data» section:

1. when hovering over the section the data mapping options will be emerged:
2. the page with all of open datasets will be opened after clicking with the cursor on that page’s section
There is an opportunity «Data» section:
  • to sort by the date of creation and the date of update (in ascending and descending order)
  • to filter by owners: from government agencies or from external users (those who voluntarily place their public data)
  • to sample by the category / government agency / other organizations depending on your switch to the corresponding submenu.
  • in the «Archives» section there are stored data sets which is not up-to-date.

In addition, you can use the search engine and enter the name of the dataset in the search box at the top of the page. You can use the search engine in all of the portal’s sections.
Once you have chosen the required open dataset (For example, the Republican section of the State register of natural monopolies) You need to click on the name of the open dataset, and then open data view window will show. Here you can see the data passport, the data itself, download formats and versions.
In the passport there is information available on the owner of the information, open data category, date of creation and date of update, the reference to the API.
To see the content of the open dataset, you need to click on the «Data» tab, where the set is displayed in a tabular form. On the right side there is a button «Columns», which enables a filtration. You can remove unneeded columns by clicking on the check box.
Further, in order to download the open dataset you need to click on the «Download» button and choose the preferred format - excel, docx, json, xml.
In the tab «Version» you can see the version open datasets, i.e. you will be able to see the old version of the open data sets.

Leave a comment or application

In order to leave a comment / application please log in.
At the bottom of the data’s passport there are «Add a comment» tab for commenting given open dataset and «Leave an application» tab for updating the dataset. It means that if the user noticed that the data is not up-to-date, incomplete or not available, he can leave an application for updating the dataset on the portal.
To comment the open dataset, click on the «Add a comment» button, put the text of your comment and click on the «Submit» button. When selecting the «Leave an application» tab there are displayed and «Note» fields. The «Select a reason» field is an obligatory: it is necessary to select a reason from the list. Then you put the note and click on the «Submit» button.
When submitting an application for updating, you should complete the application form: select the category of data, the dataset in the list and specify the reason according to which you think it is necessary to update the open dataset. 
It should be noted that it is better to leave an application under each data set for convenience, as previously described.
To submit an application for publishing the open data sets that you didn’t find on the portal, you need to select «For publishing» tab.
For optimization and automation of the application process, as well as saving your time, please check the existing applications because it is possible that similar applications were previously done and in the case of detection you will need to vote for this application.
To ensure that there are applications, you need to follow the link «For publishing» and use the search box.
If you did not find an identical request, you have the opportunity to fill in the following fields to apply for publication of the data set.
To do this, put a check to the place that says «Leave an application».
Next, fill in the required fields: data category, name, description of the open dataset (what information should be), select the government agency that owns the data, or select other organization if the holder of the information is not government agency. Next, press the «Submit» button.

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