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Name Digitization of infrastructure data by regions as of the 3rd quarter of 2022
Description This set contains information on filling the Automated Information System of the State Urban Planning Cadastre with digital data of engineering networks and facilities by regions as of the 3rd quarter of 2022
Owner «Мемқалақұрылыскадастры» РМК
Category Construction and housing and communal services
Gov Agency RSE "Gosgradkadastr"
Actualization type Yearly
Actuality status No
Creation date 28.09.2022 15:24
Renewal date 28.09.2022 15:24
Link to the data
Link to meta-information
Status Published

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Денис Васильев 14.11.2022 / Reply

"Ссылка на данные" - ссылка не верная "Упс. Кажется, вы потерялись" "Ссылка на мета информацию" - Страница недоступна

Moderator 14.11.2022 / Reply


Moderator 14.11.2022 / Reply

Денис Васильев,

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