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Халықтың орташа жан басына шаққандағы халықтың ақшалай шығыстарының құрылымы

Ақшалай шығыстардың құрылымына тұтыну шығыстары, туыстары мен таныстарына берілген материалды көмек, алименттер, салықтар, төлемдер және өзге де төлемақылар, несие мен қарызды өтеу кіреді


The service for receiving applications for assessment/refund of excessively (erroneously) paid amounts of taxes

The purpose of implementing this service is to enable direct connection of external information systems to the is of the CUPA in order to transmit data necessary for making offsets/refunds of excessively (mistakenly) paid tax amounts. Statements sent through the service may contain information about the holding: – The reimbursement on overpaid amounts; - Offset from an erroneous payment; - Refund to the Bank account from the overpaid amount; - Refund to the Bank account with the amount paid in error. The service provides: - Receiving applications from vis; - Processing of received applications; – Generate responses based on the acceptance or rejection of the application in the IP of CUPA. Response messages contain: – information about the acceptance of the application or rejection of the application, indicating the reasons.


Name of benefits/payments/pensions

This set contains the name of benefits/payments/pensions


Information about the appointment of pension payments by age

on the number of new age pension appointments