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Information on the assigned social payments from the state Social Insurance fund in the event of social risks

When generating data, all recipients of social benefits (counted at least once in the reporting period) who received a social benefit in the reporting period are taken into account, regardless of whether it continues or is terminated. At the same time, the amount of social payments made in the reporting period is reflected without deductions from mandatory pension contributions.


Percentage of the employed population covered by the compulsory social insurance system

The calculation of this indicator is made by the ratio of the number of participants in the compulsory social insurance system to the number of the employed population


The rate of pension and social security contributions

The rates of social and pension contributions determined by the legislation


The number of unemployed people sent to social jobs

This set contains data on the number of unemployed people sent to social jobs by region (based on the results of the IV-quarter 2023, (people)).


Кәсіпкерлікті қолдау жөніндегі ұйымдардың тізбесі

Бұл жинақта кәсіпкерлікті қолдау бойынша ұйымдар туралы ақпарат қамтылған