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Expanded fairs of agricultural producers in Zhambyl region

In honor of the 81th anniversary of Zhambyl region and of the day of workers of agriculture at the fair of agricultural products held in the Central square of Taraz, the goods were supplied to agricultural producers and the stabilization Fund of 10 districts and Taraz city. On the first day of the fair, products of agricultural producers and stabilization Fund will be presented in Baizak, Zhualyn, Talas, Moyynkum, shusk districts and Taraz, and on the second day-products of stabilization Fund and producers of Zhambyl, merken, Korday, T. Ryskulovsky, Sarysu districts and Taraz. The total cost is $ 89.9 million. of 314 tons of agricultural goods totaling more than 20 tons of meat (horse meat, beef, lamb, pork and chicken), 8.0 tons of dairy products, 6.0 tons of sausages, 8 thousand eggs, 4.0 tons of fish, 2.0 tons of honey, 1.5 tons of confectionery and 4.0 tons of pasta, 0.8 tons of salt and 266.7 tons of fruits and vegetables.


Municipal State Institution "Historical and Cultural Center "Atameken" of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan-Elbasy

In the historical and cultural center" Atameken " there are exhibition halls, where various exhibits are presented, telling about the times, starting from childhood and ending with the formation of the personality of the Elbasy