Curious datasets appeared on the Open Government portal

To date, the new datasets have been published on the Open Government portal (, in the Open Data component (

The most curious data includes:

  • Data on legal entities
  • Lists of bankrupt debtors
  • Information on taxpayers – legal entities and business units thereof having tax indebtedness of over 150 MCIs
  • Information on taxpayers – IEs, private notaries, private court bailiffs, lawyers, and mediators having tax indebtedness of over 10 MCIs
  • Statistics of diseases broken down by types, regions, and years
  • Crude birth rate
  • Administrative & territorial structure of the RoK
  • Types of administrative-territorial units
  • Localities establishment
  • Administrative-territorial entities classifier (ATEC)
  • General classifier of business activities (GCBA)

It should be reminded that 2343 open datasets provided by central and local government agencies have been published on the portal to date.  

One of the datasets popular with the open data portal users is the statistics of diseases. The data shows the types of diseases with breakdown by all the country’s regions and with types and quantity of diseases in 2015 and 2016 гг.* indicated.

In which regions more diseases were recorded?

Thus, according to the Open Data, the largest number of diseases was observed in the previous year in the following regions: Pavlodar region (76078.9), Almaty (69351.6) and Zhambyl region (67538.4). The least number of diseases was in Atyrau region (29480) and West Kazakhstan region (42853).

According to the last year results, malignant tumor diseases were widespread mostly in North Kazakhstan region (337.8), Pavlodar region (302.3), Qostanay region (299.8). The lowest indicators were in Almaty region (53.1) and South Kazakhstan region (101).

As per the previous year’s data, the largest number of people with tuberculosis was in North Kazakhstan region (72.9), Akmola region (70.8) and Atyrau region (66.3). The lowest indicators were in Almaty (36.7) and South Kazakhstan region (40.8).

The largest number of people suffering from diabetes was observed in North Kazakhstan region (304.5), Kostanay region (294.2) and Pavlodar region (270). The indicator is much lower in Mangistau region (132.7).

* The report on the number of first-recorded diseases per 100,000 citizens