Kazakhstanis can assess the progress of government agencies through a web portal

A systematic work to increase citizens' awareness of the activities of state bodies is conducted in Kazakhstan, said Minister of Information and Communications of Kazakhstan DaurenAbayev during a meeting of the Government of Kazakhstan

D.Abayev noted that one of the important conditions for meaningful civil society participation in public decision-making is their awareness of the activities of state bodies. In this regard, work to ensure the full implementation of the Law "On Access to Information", adopted last year, is underway.

Firstly, the basic regulatory framework is formed under the law today. In addition, the Commission on access to information was created and works, where non-governmental sector is widely represented in order to ensure public control over the implementation of the law.

Second, a cycle of seminars for civil servants, representatives of local governments, NGOs and journalists was held in 2016 to clarify the provisions of the law among the population. This work will be continued in the current year.

Third, the performance standards are monitored on Access to Information Act. The appropriate recommendations to improve their online resources are given according to the results of the public authorities.

Fourth, the extensive work carried out on the technical support of five Internet portals "Open Government".

Thus, more than 7500 documents, including bills and public service standards are contained on "Open NGOs" portal. Public discussion of the draft regulations on this portal is a prerequisite for their acceptance.

In addition, the "Open Budget" portal published more than 2 thousand of materials, as well as more than 6 thousand of budget programs for public discussion of projects. The portal "Open Data" published more than 2 thousand sets of data; 21 mobile applications and services were developed and posted for download.

Overall, answers to 9500 applications were provided through the blog-platform of  "Open Dialogue" portal in 2016. There is also a blogging platform connected to local executive authorities to promptly solve the most pressing social problems in the field.

It is worth noting that the portal "Evaluation of the effectiveness of public authority’s activities" was launched in 2017. The information on the results of assessment activities of state bodies, reports on the achievement of target indicators of strategic plans and programs of development of territories will be provided on it for public discussion.