On the “Open Dialogue” portal the survey on public services provided by Ministry of Energy is in progress

Before February 11, 2017 onthe “OpenDialogue” portal, the recipients of Ministry of Energy’s services may undergo the survey about the quality thereof.

To do so,you need to select the “Surveys” section after having accessed the portal, then, in the offered list, click the “Questionnaire on public services rendered by Ministry of Energy to service recipients”. The questionnaire contains only 7 questions, and all you need to do to fill it in is to log in on the portal via eGov.kz.

Notethat “Open Dialogue” is one of the Open Government’s components and is represented by an open platform for efficient feedback between government agencies and the public. Currently, besides the surveys, there is the blog platform of government agencies’ top executives on that portal, as well as the service named “People’s control over the mobile communication quality”.