The first Open Data-based Portal launched for ​agrarians in Kazakhstan

The first agricultural portal was launched in Kazakhstan. AidosAmanbai is the developer of the portal which can be used by all the agrarians countrywide.

For his significant project, A. Amanbai was awarded by Tech Garden Cup-2016 Hackathon hosts, and also won in “The Best Development Project” nomination.  According to the task set by National Information Technologies JSC, hackathon`stechnological partner, the applicants had to develop a mobile app for iOS, Windows or Android platforms or a web application based on Open Data from the portal.  

The portal is to facilitate farmers’ communication with government agencies, organizations, financial institutions, scientific community, and private sector.   


For instance, rural akimats will be able to send urgent notifications to farmers in their district, while other government agencies will be able to alert about emergencies, floods, fires, threats of parasites propagation and quarantine diseases and terms of tax payments. Besides, through the portal, farmers will be able to distribute relevant information about themselves and advertise their products. 

In his project, Aidos Amanbai used data published on Open Data portal ( Having chosen all the necessary data published by fruit and vegetables organizations, agricultural sector,and also contact details of district veterinary stations, the developer obtained not just an IT project but an agricultural portal for all sectors. “To my mind, Open Data is a convenient system for those who develop portals or mobile apps and do researches. Using OpenData, one can develop multitude of useful products, including commercial ones. Apart from classifiers, there are the systemizeddata, the shared government statistics, concepts, information on audit activities, reports, etc. on the portal. I believe that Open Datapotential is huge and you just have to choose what you want to use efficiently. Initiative is what really matters”, Aidos Amanbai told.

As it was mentioned by Alnur Yermagambetov, Chairman of the Board in National Information Technologies JSC, today, about 2000 datasets are available on the portal and the current goal is to receive feedback on the quality of the data from developers, programmers and hackathon participants.   “We are planning to further involve young people to application of Open Data”, Alnur Yermagambetovadded.