Тhe project of condominium services became The Open Data Kazakhstan Hackathon’s winner

On April 29-30, Microsoft Kazakhstan, National Information Technologies JSC and MOST business incubator hosted a hackathon with application of Open Data and Microsoft Azure cloud tools.  

The team called Bubo2 became the winner of the hackathon (Andrei Prikhodko, Mariya Tutynina, Marat Anvarov, Russlan Ganiyev). The team presented service for sending requests to condominiums. The project involves website and mobile app through which users can send their complaints and suggestions.  If a user is not satisfied with an answer, a request is sent to condominium and if condominium`s reply is below the standards than the request goes to prosecution office. 

“Publicity makes condominiums` work transparent. Through answers and requests, a rating of condominiums is created so that registered users can monitor their operation”, comment the participants of the team.

Out of Open Data, the team used data on condominiums (the service automatically locates relevant condominium depending on the location of a flat). Out of Microsoft Azure cloud, the tools on the data processing were used, including start of automatic program, storage and hosting. Hereinafter, the winners will be provided with support in upgrading, launching, promoting and monetizing the project.

It should be noted that such joint events are aimed at developing initiatives based on Open Government in Kazakhstan and are designed to introduce the successful experience of developing socially valuable and commercially beneficial projects with the use of Open Data and state-of-the-art Microsoft cloud services.