The draft “Fast Helper” emergency situations mobile app developed by a school student was recognized the best one at the open data contest

National Information Technologies JSC in collaboration with the “STEP” Computer Academy, have held the contest on mobile apps development based on open data.

David Knyshenko, a 16-years old student in the “Step” computer academy, was the winner with his “Fast Helper” solution. This mobile app is designed for usage in emergency situations. Using it, one can call in the fire-fighting service, the ambulance, or rescue service. An important component in this solution is the reference information section which would prompt what you need to do and how before the called team comes.

As the contest jury remarked, this app is particularly topical nowadays when 95% people do not know what to do in crowd and panic at a threat, a great many people cannot recall at once what first aid should be provided to an injured person. The app is the most relevant and valuable today because using it one can save someone’s life at the right time.

The jury assessed all the submitted projects under the following criteria: distinction of an idea, social significance, functionality convenience, and commercialization prospects. The second and third prizes were given to the “Educational Organizations of Almaty” mobile app (S. Kazhiyev, V. Kadatskikh) and the “HealthApp” web application (S. Alikhanova), which help people choose a suitable school, hospital, pharmacy.   

It should be noted that mobile apps enabling obtaining the required information quickly are becoming increasingly popular and are in a great demand. Majority of mobile apps are Open Data-enabled. In Kazakhstan, thanks to Open Gov portal with over 2300 datasets of all government agencies, more than 20 mobile apps were developed (TengeApp, Zdorovye+, Counterparty Check Service, Kindergartens` Recommendation System, etc.)