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The volume of non-hazardous waste by indicators for the region, the city of republican significance, the capital

Data on the volumes of non-hazardous waste in the context of their handling operations (by region)


Volume of medical waste by regions

Data on the volumes of generated medical waste by regions


List of conditional consumers indicating the volume of RES and costs.

Information on the distribution of RES electricity between conditional consumers for 2021 in zones 1 and 2


Restoration of monuments of historical and cultural heritage of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The main direction of the enterprise is the performance of works on repair, restoration, conservation, regeneration of historical and cultural monuments, conducting research, preparation of scientific documentation for the inclusion of monuments in the serial nomination "Silk Road", development of management plans for the management of monuments, development of projects of protected zones, preparation of Vaults of monuments, design and preparation of estimates documentation, installation of monumental monuments in the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad.


681. Перечень объектов ремонта дорог в разрезе регионов

Бұл жиындық жолдарды жөндеу объектілерінің тізбесі, өңірлер бөлінісінде туралы ақпаратты қамтиды


121. Сведения по приватизации в разрезе регионов

2023 жылға арналған Абай облысының аймақтары бойынша жекешелендіру туралы ақпарат